Oral Hygiene Tips For A Beautiful Smile


A Beautiful smile can make one’s day beautiful. If you gift a nice smile to a person who is going through a job pressure, that smile can ease the pressure for a moment. A healthy tooth is the example of a healthy person. Unfortunately, the most important part people take less care of is also their teeth. People remember about the teeth only when they get a tooth pain. A tooth is also an important part of our body just like any other organ. An unhealthy tooth can give way to a lot of problems like Gum bleeding, heart diseases, etc. Brace Your Smile with proper cleaning and check-ups. According to ada.org, you should brush your teeth twice a day. Below are some tips which can help you to have healthy teeth.

The rule of thumb. Brushing your teeth every day is the sentence we have heard since our childhood. Stick on to it. You should brush your teeth daily and regularly to get healthy teeth. You should use a proper brush for brushing your teeth. As per studies, the life of a toothbrush is only six months. That means you will have to change your toothbrush once in every six months. Try brushing your teeth twice a day so that the teeth can remain fresh and can prevent any bacteria formation.

Flossing can help you to keep the bacteria’s away. Even though you cannot brush twice a day, by doing flossing, you get the food particles in your mouth out. The major thing that causes tooth diseases is Tobacco. You must stay away from it. Tobacco causes mouth cancer, which can lead to dangerous diseases and sometimes death. Tobacco is the major thing you need to avoid if you dream to get good and healthy teeth. It can make one’s life hell. Tobacco will make you its addict, and because of it will be difficult for you to stop it. However, it is not impossible, if you try to stop using tobacco, you can slowly witness how your teeth are getting back to shape.

If you are a regular coffee drinker, you might have to limit it. Caffeine, sodas, and alcohol can be a villain if you plan to get healthy teeth. Too much intake of these things will do only harm to you and will not let you even try for a good tooth. Too much of everything is dangerous. These items have too much phosphorus in it which can lead to tooth decay. It will also take away the natural color of your teeth.

The best way to get a healthy tooth is to have calcium rich food and beverages. Calcium is an essential factor in getting a good and healthy tooth. Food that has calcium in it like Milk, yogurt, cheese and broccoli can give you lots of calcium. Vitamin D and calcium are the major things for the teeth to remain healthy by not getting any oral diseases.

Last and not least, pay a visit to your dentist once in a month to know, whether you have any tooth decay or any other mouth issues.

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