What Experts Are Saying About Caring For Your Furniture


When somebody visits your home, the first thing that they notice- apart from the collectables- is furniture. Members have reviewed your coffee table, book cases, tables and chairs that you purchased from The Funiture Connoisseur. As per www.angieslist.com, whether it is the vintage coffee table or the living room furniture, you have to take good care of them to increase its durability.

Basic Rules To Follow
All wooden furnishings must be placed away from direct sunlight to avoid change of color and crack formation. When you set your home, ensure that all types of furniture are placed away from the air conditioner ducts, near windows or close to the central heating system.

To prevent stains on the table, use coasters and placemats. Sliding an item across the table will lead to scratches on the surface. Lift the object and pass it to others, which also serves as a good etiquette.

Use Wax For Furniture
A rustic table or a teak finish table, you have to apply wax regularly to avoid drying of wood. To remove stubborn stains, use a good quality steel wool. Work on the wood, and re-wax for a polished finish. If you have noticed, the color of the wood deepens after the application of wax.

Buy natural beeswax that has a clear or dark shade to it. Before applying any cleaner to the table, test a small patch of the area to check if it is compatible or not.

Most of the furnishings have a coat of lacquer applied on the surface. They insulate the table top from heat and spills that can leave unpleasant marks. In the case of an accidental spillage, use a damp cloth to wipe the surface, or you can use mats and coasters to place hot items.
Chemical solvents damage the lacquer and must be cleaned using a beeswax polish that is free from ammonia.

If your furniture is placed too close to an AC duct or a heating system, the wood develops fissures on them. Over the passage of time, the wood dries up lending a dull shade to the furniture. The oil acts as a sealant and must be regularly applied on the surface to minimize the effects of drying.

Tips To Increase The Life Of Hardwood
To increase the lifespan of the wood, a humidifier can be used in the cold season, and an air conditioner is best for the hot summer months. The humidity is maintained at an optimal level that is best for your comfort- and the wood furniture.

Like any other furniture, avoid exposing hardwood to extreme cold and hot temperature. If you must place them near the window, draw the curtains or use blinds to reduce the harsh effects of the sun. Experts advise that you use a mild solution of chemical-free soap and water. A damp cloth or sponge can be used to wipe the surfaces, and a dry cloth can absorb any residues. If you have a urethane-coated item, avoid waxing them

With tender care and attention, you can tend to your furniture and watch them shine.

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